Get the Proven Marketing Automation System for Coaches

Why You Need This System

Running a coaching business is a busy task, you have to market yourself, make the sale, look after clients and drive them to get results. All this is exhausting and you know you need technology to help you.

Implementing Technology and systems in your business is not easy, this system is a shortcut  so you can make more money and help more people.

This is why we created a DONE FOR YOU system for coaches, a plug and play system that simplifies the need for you to learning it all, simply jump in the driver seat and get moving.

Our System Focuses on Plugging 5 Major Leads Leaks in Your Coaching Business

  • Not Capturing Information: Capturing information is a MUST. You talk to people in many different ways, online, in-person, by phone. Most coaches don’t capture information into their database - or not even have one!
  • Not following on not ready leads: Only 3-10% of people are ready to buy right now, most coaches waste the opportunity to constantly market to the other 90%. You need a system that delivers offers and information consistently!
  • Not Following Up timely on leads: I get it we are busy and we can’t or forget to follow up on everyone. Imagine you talk to 100 people, 20 of them buy and 80 don’t. What are the steps for those that don’t buy? In most cases - they get forgotten.
  •  Not getting results quick enough to clients: Newly acquired customers are your new raving fans! They need to be instantly thanked and taken care of so they start winning faster!
  •  Clients that get results leave! EVERY coaching business must have in place a system to Ascend its members into the next thing and a way to track it. There’s always a progression. We have a system that will help you capture those interested in and run a sales process from there.  

We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you

Here’s what this system includes:

  • A simple lead capture system to add ANY lead into your system effortlessly.
  • An Attraction System that introduces you and warms up leads and keeps in touch with non-buyers.
  • A Centralised and organised CRM for all your leads
  • An appointment system that gets you booked faster
  • A Buying System to Capture Payments fast
  • An onboarding system to send instant communications to new clients
  • Your own ActiveCampaign Account
  • Any required integrations
  • All tech help and set up
  • Fill-In the blanks Email & Landing Pages Copywriting Templates
  • Unlimited Tech & Help Support
  • Live Support Calls
  • This is only the beginning. We are committed to constantly add features and systems.

All the system is DONE FOR YOU - Out of the box (with a little Done For You initial set up)

All you need to do is to take our email templates and update them to your needs
(we could also help with this if required).

What our customers are saying:

Jorge and his team created systems to automate areas of my business so I can now focus on lead generation and consultation with serious clients.

RACHEL PRINCE  //  Rentalpreneur Coach

My business and communication with my clients runs better because you are part of our support team.

IVEN FRANGI  //  Customer Experience Specialist

JORGE GASCA  //  Founder

Jorge Gasca founded Three Steps Business as a product of his obsession for creating better and more efficient processes. The natural conclusion was marketing automation with the goal of scaling and amplifying the impact of coaching businesses in the community.

Jorge has been working with coaches, consultants and service providers as a marketing automation consultant implementing systems using ActiveCampaign since 2013.

Since beginning his entrepreneurial journey, he has successfully helped hundreds of businesses grow and scale and continues to be at the forefront of next-generation automation systems that can help you build a next-level business.

Jorge Gasca

Join Our Happy Customers

Feeling a little overwhelmed and lost starting my own online business, Jorge and his team created everything I was wanting from the ground up and made the business sales process exactly how I had envisaged well ahead of schedule, would highly recommend them.

SCOTT SMITH  //  7 Figure Surfer

Incredible company, team and founder to work with. My automation would not be where it is without Jorge and his team. If you need automation TSB is your go to team. Highly recommended.

TERRY TRAN  //  The Freedom Trader

These guys know their stuff plus some, and unlike other companies who set up the structure and then say goodbye, Jorge and his team make sure you understand it and hold your hand until you get it.

JAY CHAPMAN  //  Zing Coaching

The Best Time to Start Getting Marketing Automation installed is Now!

All the system is DONE FOR YOU - Out of the box (with a little initial Done For You set up)


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't feel that the system is for you or you change your mind within the first 14 days we'll give your money back, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to sign a contract?

This  is a month-to-month service. We’d love to work with you in the long term. If a system delivers, won't clients be happy to continue using it? This has been our experience :)

Do you offer a trial?

We do not have a trial. Why? Each new ActiveCampaign account we create takes quite a few hours to build-out and customize for each new member. We understand choosing a CRM and marketing automation system is a big deal. If you still have questions after reviewing this page, we invite you to email and we will gladly answer them. 

What is included in the initial setup?

The initial set up includes implementing all your automations, adding your logo, branding and signature to all emails and building your landing pages. 

Do you include the email copywriting?

We include Pages and Email copywriting templates, you can modify these as required. If you need copywriting assistance, we can work with you on this for an additional fee.

I have multiple team members, can I add several users? How many users do I get access?

25 users to ActiveCampaign (AC) and 1 account to the TSB membership website

What is the difference between buying from you or going directly to ActiveCampaign?

If you go directly to ActiveCampaign you’ll need to do all the setup and learn the system on your own. Buying from us means, getting a shortcut and being able to get started faster! 

Can I integrate my current CRM?

We will prefer to make a migration over to this new system, we could take care of that as part of the initial setup. In saying that, we could look into a custom integration for you at an additional fee.

I already have an ActiveCampaign account, could you take over and set it up?

We can yes, there are a couple of steps we need to take but it is possible.

Is there a mobile app?

Yes, ActiveCampaign has a fantastic mobile app.

Do I need other apps?

We provide the integrations, though, you'll need some of your own extra systems. e.g. Stripe account, Calendly (Appointment System) 

How long does it take for me to get access to my system?

You’ll get access after we finish our initial setup, this is 1-2 weeks.

Do you keep backups?

Yes we do, We create a full snapshot of your account including: automations, contacts, tags, deals, contact notes, deal notes, users, site tracking setup, accounts (organizations) information.

Do you provide custom ActiveCampaign implementation services?

Yes we do, we have a certain criteria for us to work together, if you are interested in this the first step is to chat. Click here to start a conversation

What happens with my data? Where is it stored? Who owned it? Are there any specific usage rules?

Your data is your data, we are just providing a service to look after it for you. This is not shared, downloaded or used in any way. As resellers, We operate under the terms and conditions of ActiveCampaign. For more information, please see these terms and conditions here.

What happens if I cancel my account? Do you delete my data?

We can keep your data up to 12 months after, should you decide to come back after that the data will be deleted.

Is this a self-managed platform?

Yes, you can access your account and make changes as required.

How many contacts can I have in my database?

You’ll get access to up to 5,000 contacts, if your database is larger than this, we can add additional contacts at an additional cost.